Steve Vazquez
Steve is a highly sought after teacher. He maintains a steady flow of loyal students at both William Rainey Harper College in Palatine, IL and at The People’s Music School in the Uptown neighborhood of Chicago. His almost 20 years of experience have allowed him to hone his communication skills and get the most out of students at any level, any age. His passion, patience and keen musical intuition are skillfully passed on to his hard-working students through a “music first” approach.

He fully believes in building independent musicians through musical literacy. Even his rock students are required to read. As he puts it: “you can get tabs and learn licks from Johnny down the block, if you want to study Music, you can study here.” Make no mistake, Steve will guide you through the nuances of Hendrix, Page, Iommi, McLaughlin, right alongside Giuliani, Sor, Bach, Villa-Lobos, Brouwer and Rak. You will need to work at it. The rewards are great. Whether you want to become a concert artist, a rock god(dess), or just want to sit around a campfire singing songs with your friends, Steve can help you get there.


At Harper College, Steve is Director of Guitar Ensemble, as well as Guitar Studio, Songwriting, and Class Guitar instructor. The Harper Guitar Ensemble works on a wide variety of music in many different combinations such as Duos, Trios, Quartets and more. Also, students work with a wide variety of instrument combinations such as voice, flute, violin, percussion and more. The ensemble is an annual participant in the Mid-America Guitar Ensemble Festival and gives a minimum four concerts a school year.

At The People’s Music School, Steve is helping to develop a new Guitar Musicianship curriculum. He also teaches lessons, Class Guitar and Guitar Ensemble at this amazing, tuition-free school.