Steve Vazquez
Steve has experience in many different recording settings. He has recorded tracks at Rax Trax, Planet 10, 35th St, Carter Co. Metro Mobile, Planet Sounds, Attica studios and more. His ability to read notation and charts, as well as having a sharp ear makes him a great asset for many types of studio projects. He can get a variety of sounds from electric, steel-string, and nylon string guitars. Steve can add that extra edge and soul needed by many projects. Backing vocals can be thrown in as well.

Steve also has over 20 yrs. experience playing various types of services. Wedding ceremonies, cocktail hours, receptions, patio/dinner parties etc. He has experience doing custom secular ceremonies, as well as full Catholic Masses, and more. He can also arrange for ensemble settings: with flute, violin, guitar, voice, etc. Steve has access to many highly skilled, classically trained musicians with a vast repertoire ranging from the Renaissance to modern works. He will work with you to tailor to your tastes.